“Rising tide of cyber crime”

Safeonline broker Jack Elliott-Frey features in an article from Insurance Age today on how cyber insurance is seeing an up-tick in the UK market, due to a number of high profile breaches in the consumer sector recently, including telecoms giants Talk Talk and Vodafone.

The UK market is showing steady signs of growth at the moment, with the impending EU data directive regulation making headway, and awareness of cyber insurance increasing amongst businesses both large and small.

To read the full article, click here. Highlights of Jack’s comments below:

‘Despite this there remains lack of clarity around cyber insurance. Elliott-Frey detailed: “There is a greater lack of understanding as to what cyber insurance can cover; it is not just cover for being ‘hacked’. It can cover computer system failure and business interruption, which could occur from all manner of events; so there is still opportunity here for brokers to educate their clients on this fact.”

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