Coverage for an unpredictable world

Terrorist attacks, uprisings, strikes and civil disturbances are in the media spotlight constantly. Even countries that were once considered safe and stable regrettably no longer seem immune from these issues.

Apart from the human tragedy, what all these types of Political Violence (PV) have in common is that they create uncertainty:  something that has always been bad for business. As a result, businesses now more than ever need to be protecting their assets from all forms of PV as an integral part of their wider risk management strategy.

At Safeonline we have many insurance and reinsurance solutions available for all types and sizes of business and can offer PV coverage worldwide. We have access to all Lloyd’s and London market insurers (and we can access overseas capacity if required). We have also arranged several facilities at Lloyd’s exclusively for our clients. We can provide some of the widest terms in the market, but at the same time, we offer tailored placements that can include all or any of the PV component perils, such as:

Physical Damage

Coverage against all the PV perils, Terrorism, Sabotage, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage, Insurrection, Revolution and Rebellion, Mutiny, Counter-Insurgency, Coup d’Etat and Civil War and War;

Business Interruption &/or Delay in Start-up

(on construction projects) – Coverage following a named peril to cover loss of Gross Profit or Loss of Income, with indemnity periods of up to 24 months;

Cyber Terrorism coverage

Physical Damage coverage where damage is caused following a Cyber or digital attack;

Active assailant / Active Shooter

Coverage following the incursion of armed or fire-armed attacks by individuals intent on inflicting harm (whether politically motivated or not);

Terrorism Liability

Third Party property damage and bodily Injury coverage. This can include coverage following Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion. It is worth noting that we can extend this coverage to include first party coverage.

Businesses that rely upon “people” visiting their location or premises to function and prosper such as stadiums, theatres, shopping malls and the like, should consider purchasing this coverage.

We can also add many additionally extensions as may be required following a named peril such as: Named/ Unnamed Contingent Business Interruption; Organized Crime extension; Denial of Access; forced abandonment; Counter Insurgency; Looting or theft.

Even if you are not operating in an area that you consider to be substantial risk, you have a responsibility to protect investment, investors interests and or shareholder interests in your business and most certainly, your continuity and profitability.

andrew stuart
Andrew Stuart Head of Political Risk & Business Development

With 35 years in a variety of disciplines in the Lloyd`s market, I specialise in placing Political risks, including Terrorism & War worldwide, also Product Recall, Contingency, and K & R. I have a strong insight into the workings of the Lloyd`s market, providing support & advice to our broker team & clients.

  • +44 0207 954 4427

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