Media Errors & Omissions Insurance – Ed Sheeran Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Media Errors & Omissions Insurance – Ed Sheeran settles $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit with songwriters over the hit song Photograph.

Recently, Ed Sheeran settled with the songwriters of a song called ‘Amazing’ that was released over seven years ago by X Factor winner Matt Cardle. The songwriters and publisher HaloSongs sued Ed Sheeran for ‘unabashedly taking credit’ for their work and copying the track ‘Amazing’ almost ‘note-for-note’. Details of the settlement have not been revealed in the court papers signed by a judge at California court, but the case has now been dismissed after both parties reached an agreement.

Given this case was brought as a copyright infringement lawsuit it is highly likely that this would have been picked up by a Media Errors & Omissions insurance policy. One of the main covers under a Media insurance policy is copyright infringement and often a Media policy will be purchased when albums such as Ed Sheeran’s Multiply is released. A Media policy will also pick up the costs of defending the lawsuit and these costs will fall outside of the limits provided for copyright infringement. Ed Sheeran’s Multiply was released in 2014 and this highlights that lawsuits can be brought many years after an album is released. The benefit of a Media E&O policy is that is can be taken out for up to five years if this is required to protect against any lawsuits during this period.

Perhaps Ed Sheeran’s music publisher would have insisted on taking out Media E&O for his most recent record breaking album Divide given the settlement for Photograph.

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