The creative world of Media and Entertainment is constantly evolving with new content being created, photographed, filmed, posted and shared every second. Creativity, however, needs to be protected especially in the age of social media because original work can be easily copied or reproduced without consent both intentionally and by mistake. Media and Entertainment Errors and Omissions insurance can protect businesses when these incidents occur and provides coverage for lawsuits that arise from the infringement of property rights.

During the release of an exciting new production, the last thing on a producer’s mind are the claims that could be brought against them for defamation, emotional distress and misuse of information. The financiers, broadcasters and distributors are the ones that expect the producer to hold insurance to cover them for these types of risks and will quickly look to point fingers in the event of a lawsuit.

Whether you are: in the business of producing controversial documentaries; an advertising agency; a producer of blockbuster full theatrical film or; an unsigned artist releasing an album, Safeonline is an experienced Media insurance broker who can help you find the right insurance that fits your business and budget.

Media Claim Scenarios

  • A copyright infringement claim made against an Insured production company that had bought a TV & Film E&O policy.  The matter related to the alleged theft of the idea for one of the upcoming summer blockbusters for 2017.  The claim was made in California and raised various issues around intellectual property, the rights of an individual when pitching a movie to a production company and coverage issues regarding prior knowledge.
  • A claim resulting from allegations of harassment and defamation made against our insured journalist, arising out of her Twitter posts and activities. The Media policy kicked in to protect the Insured from civil proceedings and to assist the Insured in resolving the claim before proceedings were started.  The feud was between two online journalists where issues of free speech were prominent.
  • A breach of privacy claim against an Insured publisher who published and distributed a story regarding a well-known TV personality and a leaked sex tape.  The claim against the Insured related to the claimant’s right to privacy versus the Insured’s right to publish news in the public interest.  This matter was further complicated by the fact that the Insured distributed the story to other online news outlets. Issues around warranties regarding losses flowing from the original article being published became paramount.  The Media policy stepped in to protect the Insured from any claims arising out of its publication and could potentially also hold its clients’ harmless.

Client Profiles

  • Animation
  • Marketing, Advertising and Communications Companies
  • Alternative Newspapers
  • Publishers
  • Broadcasters
  • Cable TV Operators
  • Comic Books and Illustrative Content
  • National Newspapers
  • Non-English Language Accounts
  • Online Media Streaming
  • Personal Appearance and Social Media for high profile individuals
  • Unions
  • Films – from small budgets to blockbusters
  • TV productions – all genres – from documentaries to reality TV and more
  • Video On-Demand Platform
  • Webisodes
  • Theatrical stage productions
  • Music – composers, artists, bands, publishers and labels
  • Commercials Producers
  • Bloggers and vloggers

Product Summary

  • Libel and Slander
  • Breach of confidentiality, privacy and right of publicity
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Misappropriation of name or likeness
  • Infliction of emotional distress
  • Breach of licence
  • Misappropriation of ideas under implied contract
  • Up to 5 years’ cover
  • Access to Lloyds capacity with primary limits of $10M available
  • Worldwide subject to Sanctions and Lloyd’s Licenses
  • Individual and annual policies
  • Breach response and access to Crisis Consultants

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