Every day, whether at work, relaxing on holiday, or traveling for business, individuals, their families and the companies who employ them are exposed to the potential risk of a kidnapping, assault, extortion or a similar type of attack. Sadly, these incidents are all too common and many organisations lack the resources or expertise to respond effectively to these threatening situations. Companies also owe a duty of care to all its employees, and employers will often be asked to prove that they have taken all reasonable steps to protect their most important assets.  K&R Insurance can assist in this regard.

Most attacks are perpetrated by criminals who view them as a purely “financial transactions”. Therefore, with specialist intervention, they can usually be concluded safely and swiftly. Express kidnappings, whilst usually concluded within just a few hours, leave the victim distressed and with a personal financial burden.

Our specialist Insurance products can assist and help to lighten the impact of any attack of this nature.

At Safeonline we know that ‘one-size does not fit all’. We therefore use our experience and knowledge to offer our clients best in class coverage.  We offer protection and active incident management, not only following an attack, but we will also ensure that our solution offers pre-incident advice and planning.

We can design our coverage to work alongside other more traditional products, such as, Medical, Travel and Personal Accident insurances. It is also worth noting that Extortion coverage is included in the K&R policy and aids against Cyber-attack.

Other examples of coverage available include:

  • Kidnap – Including Express Kidnap and or Tiger Kidnap;
  • Ransom and Ransom in Transit;
  • Extortion and Cyber Extortion;
  • Hijack – Hostage Crisis, Illegal holding or Wrongful Detention;
  • Evacuation – following a political or natural emergency;
  • Disappearance / Child Abduction;
  • Assault.

Our polices will usually provide access to a 24-hour Crisis Consultant hotline for emergencies and pre-travel advice (either online or by telephone).

andrew stuart
Andrew Stuart Head of Political Risk & Business Development

With 35 years in a variety of disciplines in the Lloyd`s market, I specialise in placing Political risks, including Terrorism & War worldwide, also Product Recall, Contingency, and K & R. I have a strong insight into the workings of the Lloyd`s market, providing support & advice to our broker team & clients.

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  • +44 0207 954 4427

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