It’s #safeInternetDay

The fact that we need #safeInternetDay for online security suggests that the message is not getting through. There are many ways to improve your safety online and today Google has offered 5 simple tips to safeguard your online account including: manage your security settings; ensure that your password is strong; add an extra layer of security, by for example adding in a recovery phone number and; go the extra mile and set up two-step verification. All these are extremely useful techniques to make you more secure.

Organisations all over the world need to realise that it is the user who is often the weakest link in the security chain. Many fail to recognise the exposure that they face as a result of employee negligence, human error and their increasing reliance on portable devices. The percentage of incidents that are a direct result of people losing their portable devices is staggering. One report attributed more than 30 percent of all digital breaches to lost, stolen or discarded portable devices. It is indeed amazing how few companies insist that their employees` portable devices are password protected, and how few actually encrypt their data.

Therefore, it is essential that organisations set robust policies and procedures around the use of social media, email, phones and the like. Training of staff to the dangers that lurk online for the unwary is paramount. Sadly it has been proven that whatever habits that a internet user adopts at home will be brought to the workplace. With the rising incidence of losses as a result of Social Engineering, companies need to be vigilant to their employees’ online practices.

So although today is #safeInternetDay, let’s work together to make every day Safeonline.

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