Post Covid-19 – Political Unrest

Independent security analysts have been trying to help governments, insurers and others to understand the potential impact that the Covid-19 pandemic might have going forward. In some regions their conclusions make interesting, whilst slightly worrying reading.  

Very broadly, their reports suggest that as the world eases out of lockdown, many regions will be adversely affected due to:  

  • – a sharp rise in unemployment; 
  • – an increased likelihood of localised shortages, as supply chains struggle to adjust. In some areas and sectors, the situation will be exacerbated where businesses fail. 

Terrorism around the globe has reduced, in the short term, as there has been less soft targets (places where people gather). Even in very active areas, there has been some reduction in treat levels; it seems that even the Taliban and other groups don’t want to disrupt certain supply chains. Whilst in other regions a thin cease fire that currently exists is only highlighting deep distrust. Additionally, some groups will use this time to undermine governmental positions altogether. Certain Oil producing countries will have additional economic pressures caused by the low prices currently on the world market.      

From discussions with a number of market leaders in the Political Violence insurance sector, it seems that they are especially concerned about the potential increase in civil unrest and protests following the pandemic.  Such civil unrest could take the form of strikes if labour forces are asked to accept large job or salary cuts. Riots are often caused by commodity shortages, especially food and fuel, so this is another potential threat. We are already seeing increases in insurance rates and decreasing capacity for these Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion (SRCC) perils. “Looting” is also being singled out as a potential issue, especially for your retail clients.   

Many amongst us will not have experienced a hard insurance market, but preparation as always is a major key to success. Understanding and assessing your clients’ need is now more important than ever. Understanding the global dynamics and the insurance market perspective, combined with access to dedicated knowledge and capacity, will assist your clients to mitigate some of these potential problems.  

 Safeonline provides its clients access to first rate insurance markets who can provide a full range of Political Violence (PV) coverages:  

  • – Terrorism only; 
  • – Covers including Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion; 
  • – Fully comprehensive PV covers that extent to War and Cyber covers.  

We obviously hope that your region is not one that experience a post Covid-19 spike in violence, but we are here to assist if you or your clients need us.” 

andrew stuart

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Terrorism and Political Violence Insurance: FAQ

In this first part of 2 posts, Andrew Stuart Head of Political Risk at Safeonline, will be answering some of the more frequently asked questions relating to Terrorism and Political Violence insurance coverage.


“I have been providing Terrorism and Political Violence solutions for clients all over the globe since the late 1990’s. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a ‘stupid question’ and below is a selection of the questions  I have been asked over the years and the answers that I have given.

I am hoping that this insight will be useful to anyone interested in this line of coverage.”


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