Safeonline LLP was founded by its current CEO, Chris Cotterell, in 1998. Although initially set up to service the insurance needs of the blossoming digital and e-commerce industries, it quickly became apparent that – as the world became more interconnected – every business was becoming a digital company.

As global businesses harnessed the power of the internet, Safeonline grew to accommodate all manner of insurance risks associated with operating in the digital landscape.

Safeonline has adapted to service businesses that require bespoke insurance products of all types. From our foundations operating in the cyber/digital space, we have now expanded to service all manner of niche insurance classes, from Financial, Intellectual Property and E&O through to Privacy Breach, Media Liability, Political Risks, D&O and Prize Indemnity to name but a few.

As a business our mandate is to offer the highest service levels to clients, backed by the drive and expertise of our broking team. It is with this mandate that we have grown to become one of the leading independent insurance brokers in the London market.

Chris Cotterell
Chris Cotterell CEO & Founder

To find out more about Safeonline, get in touch with Chris via the contact details below.

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