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We are a specialist Lloyd’s insurance broker, based in the City of London, which specialises in fast-moving insurance lines such as Cyber, Financial, Professional and Intellectual Property. We provide insurance services to businesses of all shapes and sizes looking to protect themselves from the risks inherent in the business world.

We are tenacious. We are unique. We are knowledgeable: We are Safeonline.


Cyber risk now poses one of the biggest threats to businesses and government since the inception of the internet, and the exponential growth of both personal and business users is further increasing the number of avenues through which cyber-attacks can be launched.

These are some of the top-level exposures that cyber breaches can cause:

  • First Party Network Loss
  • Privacy Breach and Security Liability
  • Media Liability
  • Reputation
  • Cyber Extortion


Intellectual Property is increasingly becoming one of the most valuable aspects of a business. Whether it’s the coding for your bespoke website, the blueprints to your product or the secret ingredients in your recipe, your IP is something that needs to be guarded heavily.

The risks facing businesses vary greatly, including theft or infringement via a number of areas:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Design rights
  • Copyrights


Any company, practice or individual that provides professional advice or services carries a duty of care to their clients. Failure to provide such services can often lead to costly legal actions and whether the failure to perform is justified or not, the costs to defend such an action can very quickly accumulate and impact on the day to day running of the business.

Potential claimants can range from shareholders, investors and employees to liquidators, banks or regulatory bodies. Whilst the individual can sometimes rely on the company to stand in and pay for their defence this is more commonly not always the case.


Prize competitions are a valuable marketing tool for all manner of businesses, giving the opportunity to sell product, drive traffic to websites, and raise the profile of social media channels.

However there are many instances, lottery games for example, where the prize (if won) can put a big dent in a company’s bottom line. Prize Indemnity insurance gives protection for insureds against the contractual liability to pay out in the event of a competition win.


Programs can be arranged for a wide range of insurance classes including professional liability, healthcare, financial institutions, commercial property, and personal lines.

We specialise in creating bespoke solutions for our clients to access London market capacity, as well as in what is often known as ‘coverholder business’, which is the placing and management of contracts where our London insurers delegate underwriting authority to qualified third parties such as Managing General Agencies or brokers, who in turn use their expertise, local knowledge and networks to access and underwrite business.


At Safeonline we pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge of our team. Whether you are dealing with brokers, support technicians, claims handlers or our finance team, each member of Safeonline will strive to deliver best-in-class service to ensure your business needs are met.

David Dickson Broker

Having joined Safeonline in 2015, I bring with me experience in managing PI, Tech, Cyber and IP risks, with clients ranging from the financial sector through to telecoms and software development. At Safeonline I will be responsible for managing and growing the IP, Financial and Cyber book of business.

Claire Ferrie Broker

In 2014 I joined Safeonline to work with the financial, professional and IP team. I am currently helping develop the commercial PI business by utilising and developing relationships I have formed over my insurance career.

Adam Maher Broker

I have 13 years’ experience in the insurance industry, and have been responsible for setting up binding authorities with leading Lloyd’s syndicates in various classes of business from property through to casualty, management liability and other professional lines.

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